Success Stories


Success Stories

Starting his first company at sixteen years old on a bike selling art door to door, Noah grew to becoming one of the most sought out creatives around the globe. Noah’s work has been featured in such movie franchises Universal Pictures 2 Fast 2 Furious as well as corporate clients including Toyota, Costco, Disney, Toyota, and MTV. Noah was voted top 25 Artist’s in the world by Art Business News Magazine. Noah embarked on building a creative agency helping steward and launching online brands to build kingdom content. Initiatives include films, membership sites and online branding. Noah created Noah University, an online mentorship to help creative entrepreneurs. Noah is author of Speedbumps and #fearhunters. Noah and his wife Chantel and two children live in Southern California and they are passionate about rescuing and supporting Aids Orphans in South Africa.


“It’s all about saying yes to your calling and life assignment.”

- Ryan Audagnotti

Founder - Acres of Love

“Having a foundation set is so worth it. I wish I did this in my 20s.”

- Kayleigh Bennet

“Has changed my perspective as to why I am here and is an incredible community.”

- Taylor Hill

“I got rid of my false self and learned how to walk in my true identity.”

- Brandon Elrod

“It will allow you to see who God is and how you can partner with Him.”

- Lance Wood

“There’s no better tool to equip you and help build your life.”

- Jon Pharris

“It’s priceless! Everything we are doing now has kingdom purpose and eternity in mind.”

- Heather Gerhardt

“This changed my life. It’s been a game changer.”

- Dan Streit

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