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As a Christian leader in 2017, you’re likely faced with a daily dilemma.

The intense struggle between balancing the rising demands of your career, family, and community, all while finding enough time and energy to serve God through your unique purpose.

You’ve landed here because you know in your heart of hearts that the current way of “doing things” won’t cut it anymore…

… and that the SOONER you can come into alignment with your true calling, the sooner you can unlock the joy and freedom you’ve been missing.

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  • How to bring more love, joy, freedom and impact to your life and the lives of all those you care about.
  • The relationship between your unique passions and your specific role in God’s Kingdom, and the magic that happens when the two finally come into alignment.

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  • Your True Calling
    Video #1

    Your True Calling

  • Reigniting Your Passions
    Video #2

    Reigniting Your Passions

  • The Secret to Expressing Your Full Potential
    Video #3

    The Secret to Expressing Your Full Potential

Wisdom for life, packaged in stimulating conversations, from people who read the books, but have also lived the life and know how to transfer their learnings to you.

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Bob Shank


Bob is the Founder of The Master's Program, providing strategic life mentoring to Christian leaders, and is the co-founder of The Barnabas Group. He has been a mentor to thousands of Kingdom leaders over the last 20 years.

His 40-year career includes 14 years as a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry, four years as Senior Pastor, and 25 years as a CEO in the non-profit sector.

Today, he serves on the governing boards of churches in California, New Mexico and Florida, as well as seven parachurch ministries and two foundations. Married since 1971, he and Cheri live in Southern California, near their two adult daughters.
Bob Shank